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HEY EVERYONE, I hope you're doing well

I now have a new MIC and a wonderful bamboo tablet that I'm going to be using to make hopefully LOTS of animations this year :D. Over the summer I plan to do some big projects and lots of little random bits and things too. More V for Chappelle and hopefully Zelda wOOT: 2

but FIRST,

My first submission of the year, PLEASE vote 5! :D :D :D

2012, a whole new year of bullcrap that I'm gonna make.

Halo 4 screenshots! (oh ballfuck)

2011-10-14 01:04:34 by Smiley-Bob

<3 don't stab me not really.


Heavily inspired by MeatWadSprite.


I haven't done flash in awhile and I couldn't get this fucking thing to be under 10 mb without deleting like 4 scenes.

Working on episode 9 atm.

EDIT: OMG episode 9 is out toooo

Halo 4 screenshots! (oh ballfuck)

Happy V-Day Zelda Flash :)

2011-02-16 01:53:42 by Smiley-Bob

It's Valentines day and I release my first flash (of this year I think holy shit).

Anyways this is just a little short I've been working on with my friend Ryan. He did all Link's voices because well... I suck.

And I did all the animation and SICH. I hope you enjoy it, this was purely for fun so don't be looking for anything epic with this one.

pic unrelated.

Happy V-Day Zelda Flash :)

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World of Warcraft Movie Stills part 2

Hey Newgrounds how's it going? I haven't been on in forever and haven't submitted something in awhile, but please don't give up on me I'm working on a flash riiiight now.

Buuuut in the mean time you should be a dear and support my youtube acount.
People seem to like it but not many people see it :(.

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so yeh. heres a pic.

World of Warcraft movie stills.

Oh you fucking pricks.

2009-10-27 22:05:27 by Smiley-Bob

You're joking, right?

Please... please have a look at this...

alright you good?

Now, now get a nice juicy eye full of this.

Now as you can see, both are obviously of similar quality, and similar(ish) length, yet for some reason one of them has a higher score. Why the fuck is that newgrounds? Huh?

So please, if you have a heart, go and review and 5 V for Chappalloween, because I want to make another one, and if nobody likes it, then there's nofucking point lol.

Oh you fucking pricks.

And yet I made this anyways.

Five if you would please.

Otherwise nothing really else to talk about. The second episode of V for Chappelle is underway, not very far though, some of the lines fucked up so I had to redo them :/.

And that other project I've been working is also still underway, doing backgrounds and stuff. Jesus christ making ACTUAL flash is such a bitch. :P lol.

So yea that's just about it.

WoW is so much fucking better.

Dave Chappelle has his own movie? Woa.

2009-04-22 21:57:18 by Smiley-Bob

New flash!!!!

It's kinda a pilot episode, it's called "V for Chappelle" PLELLELELASE FIVE IT!
There is some obvious inspiration behind it but yea, I like it, and it actually took a bit lol, cuz I'm lazy and CS4 kept fucking up so, if you guys like it, I'll make MOAR..

I'm also starting work on ANOTHER new little flash series, it's untitled as of yet and it's just kind of in the pre-production stages, characters and such but YUH. It's about this stoner dude and one of Satan's minions that was sentenced to live with the stoner dude for all eternity, so they have all sorts of wacky adventures and shit and it'll be great.

so yea.

Aslo I've been fucking around a bit in FL studios but haven't really been able to come up with anything GREAT.
Any tips?

So that's about it, go fifen and review 10 V for Chappelle if you love me at all!!!

have a pic of the flash I'm working on. \/

Dave Chappelle has his own movie? Woa.

China Rules imperialist.

2009-04-01 17:58:03 by Smiley-Bob

This joke sucked. Tom loves cock. Wade is a fag.

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China Rules imperialist.

Gear Group, New Movie, Collab Entry

2009-03-23 22:02:19 by Smiley-Bob

Oh jesus Smiley Bob you're making another fucking news post that nobody gives a rats ass about. Gtfo.

Well that's a bit harsh!

No, you stupid prick, write something interesting for a change, instead of shameless advertising your stupid shit.


No smiley-bob fuck you.

Sorry I was talking to myself for a bit there... lol.
So mainly in the news THE GEAR GROUP IS BACK. It's now led by my good friend Kiwi Gear ( who is for the most part doing a good job, but they could REALLY, REALLY, REALLY use some members, and some good animators over there, so if you've ever been in a group, or your just ok at animating, please go make a validation topic, groups are really fun.

You can join by visiting /index.php? and making a validation thread.

In other news I've been kinda secretly working on a little project of mine for a period of time titled "V for Chapelle" (working title not final). Which is kinda an Ackbar and BBQbeefburgerman knock-off, so it's looking pretty good right now. Hopefully you'll all enjoy it and I can make a series because I'm having a good time making it. And so... yeh. I hope you'll all be on the look out for that and stuff... Not much else to say.

Not much going on in my personal life. Got back together with my girlfriend. Think I said that. Still fucking failing school lol. Um yea. Excited for summer and stuff. Been on NG alot lately.

OH! Yea, I'm sure many of you have heard about the Sitrom98 little event that happened however long ago, and this guy put together a collab about it and me and ibjammin are going to do a piece for that, he wrote it, I'm going to animate it, and we're both going to voice it. SO! I hope you look out for that also. If you want to join the collab the threads right meow so yea. You can do that.

So that's all for now, cheerio lads.

o 'nd.

Gear Group, New Movie, Collab Entry