2012 Submissions

Digerdoo player Digerdoo player Rated Stars Digerdoo player Comedy - Original Boxcutter. Boxcutter. Rated Stars My friend found a boxcutter and tried to recreate 9/11!!! Comedy - Original Happy Birthday Joey Happy Birthday Joey Rated Stars it's my brothers 18th brithday. It Ends Tonight It Ends Tonight Rated Stars Suicide Sprite WoW 4 Sprite WoW 4 Rated Stars A series of VERY short Sprite Shorts!!!! Pokemadness Collab Pokemadness Collab Rated Stars Mix the two greatest things on the interweb...HERE YOU GO! Sprite A Day: 20 Sprite A Day: 20 Rated Stars Free for all Wednesday ! Sprite A Day: 18 Sprite A Day: 18 Rated Stars Metal Gear ! Sprite A Day : 17 Sprite A Day : 17 Rated Stars Castlevania ! Sprite Halo 3 Sprite Halo 3 Rated Stars The Red and Blue teams are at it again... Comedy - Parody Uncle 10 Uncle 10 Rated Stars The heart wrenching season finale of the "Uncle" series. I Am Legend Dub I Am Legend Dub Rated Stars A little Dub of "I am Legend" Moral Madness Collab Moral Madness Collab Rated Stars Evey story has a moral. Action GG~ last movie GG~ last movie Rated Stars sigh... The Whooper Freakout The Whooper Freakout Rated Stars One day... they decided to take the whooper off the menu.... So I herd u liek Narutos? So I herd u liek Narutos? Rated Stars I luv Naru toes. Sprite Halo 2 Sprite Halo 2 Rated Stars Red VS Blue again at blud gulchz Comedy - Parody Sprite Halo: Blud gulchz Sprite Halo: Blud gulchz Rated Stars Blue and red halo sprites have buttseks (not rly but still...lulz) GG~ Mr.T 5 the collab GG~ Mr.T 5 the collab Rated Stars The collab Message to Anonymous Message to Anonymous Rated Stars To the leaders of Anonymous (owait thar R nun!) ~GG~ Turd Has No Friends ~GG~ Turd Has No Friends Rated Stars GG has a talk with a morman child. GG~Mr.T episode 4 GG~Mr.T episode 4 Rated Stars epicness Uncle 9 Uncle 9 Rated Stars Meadowwwww....meadow....* sigh*..woa...oh shit...meadows isa pretty puppy,,, Uncle 8 Uncle 8 Rated Stars Oh no, uncle is at it again! Stick FBF Collab Stick FBF Collab Rated Stars Me and afroman just made a stick collab...yeah... GG-dance party GG-dance party Rated Stars PAAAAAAAAAAARRRRTTTYYYYY! GG-Mr.T episode 3 GG-Mr.T episode 3 Rated Stars its a pre-qule ~GG~ DPA collab ~GG~ DPA collab Rated Stars THE "Don't mess around collab ~GG~ Sniper ~GG~ Sniper Rated Stars The writer strike is stupid, people should just pay them moar... Fuppets: Clerks Fuppets: Clerks Rated Stars It's like puppets with clerks... ~GG~ Remember the Name ~GG~ Remember the Name Rated Stars This some epic stuff for the Gear Group. ~GG~ Mr. T ~GG~ Mr. T Rated Stars Turd meets Mr. T ~GG~ Ryan Secrest ~GG~ Ryan Secrest Rated Stars Angry Faic is gay! Who knew? ~GG~ New Years Eve sucked ~GG~ New Years Eve sucked Rated Stars Egg Gear had a bad New Years...until he found a taco...two infact...and ate them..after d- ~GG~ New Year ~GG~ New Year Rated Stars Introducing the GEAR GROUP!!!
Our New Grounds Our New Grounds Rated Stars Me and Afroman did a "My Newgrounds" thing. Comedy - Parody The 20 Minute Time Trial The 20 Minute Time Trial Rated Stars 20 minutes of doom. Assassin's Penis Assassin's Penis Rated Stars The Assassin's creed dude has a YOU-JEE HOEZ battle. I Am Awesome I Am Awesome Rated Stars I Am Legend made by me :D Uncle 7 Uncle 7 Rated Stars *FAP FAP FAP* Gawd 6 Gawd 6 Rated Stars Christmas tyme. God 5 God 5 Rated Stars Nawt pink cawk! Uncle 4 Uncle 4 Rated Stars oh noes gawd has seks. Uncle 3 Uncle 3 Rated Stars Oh noes GAWD gots no skillz. Uncle 2 Uncle 2 Rated Stars OH NOES BUTTSEKS.! Uncle 1 Uncle 1 Rated Stars lol RNDM - Elvis Chief RNDM - Elvis Chief Rated Stars Yeh. RNDM - Holy Grail RNDM - Holy Grail Rated Stars lol RNDM - b00m hedshawt RNDM - b00m hedshawt Rated Stars BOOM HEDSHAWT Mr Gruff Multiplies Mr Gruff Multiplies Rated Stars Mr Gruff has sex 2 much! Spam DD - Thanksgiving DD - Thanksgiving Rated Stars Raspy and Piney Dollar have thanksgiving! AICV 9 AICV 9 Rated Stars RANDOM clay shorts! Clay Short - Talent Show Clay Short - Talent Show Rated Stars A short claymatoin :D. Illicraft - Flash Illicraft - Flash Rated Stars Illidan and Jack are back :D ~BB~ [SG] UNITE! ~BB~ [SG] UNITE! Rated Stars The BB and SG are allies! Random - Steel Random - Steel Rated Stars The Randomness continues! ~BB~ Rockin ~BB~ Rockin Rated Stars WE ARE BACK! [SG] Smokin with Cherry [SG] Smokin with Cherry Rated Stars Redbull smokes a J with cherry. [SG] Emokiller is gay [SG] Emokiller is gay Rated Stars No really he is... 2 Questions 2 Questions Rated Stars Maddflash sayz meatwad is dead. Random - Ackbar Random - Ackbar Rated Stars Ackbar meets randomness Random - Pokebatlle Random - Pokebatlle Rated Stars What happens when Kanye west and William Hung meet in egypt? Illicraft - Raiders Illicraft - Raiders Rated Stars Not teh raiders. Illicraft - Ackbar Illicraft - Ackbar Rated Stars Woa dude. ~BB~ Anti-Clock Day? ~BB~ Anti-Clock Day? Rated Stars Join us please. We really need members. ~BB~ Jones says hello ~BB~ Jones says hello Rated Stars BB is back again. again... AA- Atom Splitting Collab AA- Atom Splitting Collab Rated Stars What happens when you split an atom? Pogur has a Party Pogur has a Party Rated Stars This R skaree Bourne Meets Chris Bourne Meets Chris Rated Stars Bourne Jason meets Chris tucker, this is really rascist please don't watch it rawr nong b Death By Collab Death By Collab Rated Stars A collab about people dying...by things... ~BB~ The Ghost of You ~BB~ The Ghost of You Rated Stars HAPPY BOMB DAY! Runescape: TMTNH Runescape: TMTNH Rated Stars Runescape: The movie that never happened ~BB~ The Silly Collab 2 ~BB~ The Silly Collab 2 Rated Stars Raspy and Orange are back in the SILLY COLLAB 2! ~BB~ TT III ~BB~ TT III Rated Stars The BB is back! Spam Smiley Bob ep69 Smiley Bob ep69 Rated Stars Alright. LL - Banned LL - Banned Rated Stars LL.com LYKES MEN Sprite Adventures 2 Sprite Adventures 2 Rated Stars Not again... LL- Smiley Bob ep2 LL- Smiley Bob ep2 Rated Stars lol @ ur small dick. Smiley Bob ep1 Smiley Bob ep1 Rated Stars The Life and times of Smiley Bob Jayne eats Babies 1 Jayne eats Babies 1 Rated Stars The adventures of Jayne. The crazy baby eaters. AA is 1337 ok??? AA is 1337 ok??? Rated Stars AA is 1337 [KC] PicoBJ Time [KC] PicoBJ Time Rated Stars It's Pic Butter Jelly Time Ask Pogur Clock Ask Pogur Clock Rated Stars Dill consults pogur clock. ~BB~ The BB Lives ~BB~ The BB Lives Rated Stars We are Bombtopia, AND WE ARE NOT AFRAAAAAAAAAAIIIID! ~BB~ BB TT II ~BB~ BB TT II Rated Stars Another time trials. Spam ~BB~ We love you Orange ~BB~ We love you Orange Rated Stars We really love you orange. ~BB~ TT 1 ~BB~ TT 1 Rated Stars The Bomb Brigade presents its first Time Trial collab AICV 8 AICV 8 Rated Stars Adventures in Clayville 8 ~BB~ Fergie ~BB~ Fergie Rated Stars Orange gets caught! ~BB~ Fuck the [SS] collab ~BB~ Fuck the [SS] collab Rated Stars Socom Squad sucks. ~BB~ Zombies ~BB~ Zombies Rated Stars Raspy meets some zombies! [BB] The Silly Collab [BB] The Silly Collab Rated Stars A silly Bomb Brigade animation Sprite WoW 3 Sprite WoW 3 Rated Stars BEWARE THE COW!!! Mad Dreams Mad Dreams Rated Stars A crazy sequence of dreams. Stick Man Bob - Paintball Stick Man Bob - Paintball Rated Stars Stickman Bob Goes paintballing! Night Elf Clock Night Elf Clock Rated Stars Night Elf Clock Encounters and Orc! Pitchforkpoop Pitchforkpoop Rated Stars Random claymation...about a pitchfork...and poop... Burning Crusade Rant Burning Crusade Rant Rated Stars Absurd clock is getting angry with Burning Crusade. Sprite Adventures 1 Sprite Adventures 1 Rated Stars A group of kids in an online game go on an adventure! Flying Babies Flying Babies Rated Stars A man and his strange flying babys. [LL] Where are you? [LL] Where are you? Rated Stars I wanted to make a lock and join the Lock Legion but I could find them?!?!?! Halo Adventures 1 Halo Adventures 1 Rated Stars Halo Adventures: Hang'em High